Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pajama Day

And today was the International Pajama Day! ^^
We got up around 11:00 and in our pajamas we had some breakfast (boiled eggs, strawberry jam, tea, lovely! ^^)

Then we watched Polish comedy "HiWay" on DVD (it's a production of one of the best stand-up comedy groups in Poland, not that good and funny as people told us it would be, unfortunately...), and I continued knitting my Morning Surf shawl - I believe it still needs about two hours of knitting and it'll be it.

It's really big when you look at it lying on the sofa, but when I wrap it around my shoulders I still need several centimetres for a comfortable wear. ^^

Then I went to our bedroom to do a bit Internet surfing and Robert continued to sew his trousers he designed - he kept breaking needle after needle in our poor sewing machine, but the finish is near as most of the work is done, he's been working on the button close-up and hemming the legs. Isn't he talented or what?! *^v^*

I put my feet up (in my hand knitted Opal socks, who cares if they don't match! ^^) after I placed the chicken into the oven and we waited for our dinner to cook. ^^

And then we didn't do much in the evening, just watched tv, ate some vanilla ice-cream, I knitted a bit. Just a lazy, relaxing Sunday. *^v^*

Our cat officially refused to put on a pajama... ^^

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