Monday, February 05, 2007

Morning Surf finished!

Last night I finished my Morning Surf shawl, which was supposed to be dedicated to Ostara holiday in March.

Well, at least I'm not late! *^v^*
And I'll have time to carefully choose and knit another shawl for Beltane (in May), it might be even something more complicated, because I'll have time to do this! ^^

Morning Surf Shawl
Pattern: Morning Surf shawl, very easy, quick and fun pattern, I would say it "knits itself" and the shawl just appears in front of your eyes
Needles: 4 mm
Yarn: Polish brand "Sasanka", 100% acrylic, 520m/100g, (two strands held together) 300 g used
Size: 96 sts, 28,5 repeats of the pattern, 200 cm long x 60 cm wide

Unfortunately I made a mistake about 40 cms from the end - I knit the row that should have been purled, but I'm not going to correct it, call me lazy and imperfectionist but I would have to frogg several hours of knitting... Anyway, I believe it won't be that visible when I wrap it up around my shoulders. ^^

It's very warm and I can wear it in different ways, either just on my shoulders, or tightly wrapped around my upper body pinned with a brooch (a metal hairclasp in this case...^^), or wrap one end around my neck like a scarf, or fold it in half and tuck the ends inside the middle loop, possibilities are almost endless!... *^o^*

And I haven't finished my Surfing adventure yet, because I want to knit a scarf from this pattern and the same yarn for my mother's birthday in March (I still have got about 120 g of this), only using one strand of yarn and not that wide, so it would be a light fresh green Spring scarf. I already cast on 59 sts on 3 mm needles. ^^


  1. That's gorgeous! I'm not sure if I'm even seeing the mistake, which proves that it's hardly noticeable :)

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous:) Just finishing off my February moon shawl, the lacy prairie one and ready for next challenge:)
    amber in scotland

  3. It's stunning! I think if you can get away with the "mistake" not showing, why waste time worrying about it! I must get soem of the Kidsilk Haze in Jelly. It's a bit like your colour.

    Love it!