Thursday, February 15, 2007

WIP Thursday

Sewing Mojo seems to be back with me (finally!...) so I've been making some new corsets for my Atelier lately. Today eight Elisabethan corsets are waiting for me to supply them with metal eyelets, which is going to be quite a challenge, because it's a hard work, I tell you!... (Better photos soon!)
And for tomorrow I'm planning an update in my shop, so please keep your fingers crossed for many happy customers, so I could have money for a new batch of beautiful yarn! *^v^*

Can you guess what it is in the second photo? ^^
For now I can tell you that it's something for myself (not for sale), wearing this I'll be feeling like a Queen, it's been cut out about half a year ago and then left in the WIPs bag, on the very bottom...
All should be revealed soon! *^v^*

As far as knitting, I did some progress on Morning Surf scarf, no progress on Emelia (I just don't feel like knitting Emelia nowadays...) and last night I did some planning on using my stashed blue yarn - I'd like to knit a wavy scarf and I believe after several trials I got the right pattern and will start knitting it tonight. ^^ (I tried my new bamboo needles and I love them - they are smooth and very light, compared to the metal needles!)

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  1. Your corsets are gorgeous! I'm very envious of your sewing skill!