Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things I love Thursday #4

"When in doubt, overdress." Vivienne Westwood

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very sorry if anyone felt offended by my post about the grey jackets people. I really didn't mean any harm!

If you like greys and dark blues that's absolutely FINE!

I was talking about people miserable in such clothing, people who would like to wear cheerful colours, but they can't.

Sometimes I feel like hiding myself and then I wear my black training trousers or a pair of jeans and black/blue blouse. I have nothing against grey, and in fact I decided to tame this colour for me (well, I had to admit that grey IS a colour after all!... *^v^*). I'm sewing a grey woollen dress and I hope to show it to you on Friday (together with a fabulous tights I bought yesterday and a wonderful thrifted blouse I found on Tuesday! ^^

Do you ever buy in second hand shops? Aand if so, how often? What do you buy - clothes? Shoes? Fabrics? Accessories?

I LOVE second-hand shops! I believe 75% of my wardrobe is second-hand, 15% are clothes made by myself (usually from the thrifted fabrics ^^), 10% is new: my underwear, tights/stockings & socks, winter coats. In Poland there are usually no second-hand shops with other things that I mentioned above. There are carboot sales organised every now and then where you can buy anything second-hand, but in the shops open on regular bases you can buy only clothes/shoes/fabrics/some accessories (bags, belts, scarves, ect). I have some favourite places I visit regularly and never leave empty handed! ^^

To end up my post, don't forget that this Sunday is the International Pajama Day

I've planned to wash my and Robert's pajamas on Friday so they are fresh and ready, go shopping on Saturday for some special Pajama Day treats (box of ice-cream is a must when you are wearing your pajama... ^^), prepare two pairs of hand knitted socks in case our feet gets cold, and generally relax on that day and spend some real quality time with my husband and our cat. I'm so looking forward to Sunday! *^v^*

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  1. I love the pajama day idea! I'm definitely going to do it too!