Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things I Love Thursday #5

I love breakfasts like today - quiet apartment, cat sleeping in her basket on a window sill, nothing to do/nowhere to go outside my flat so I don't have to hurry, strawberry jam, sprouts on my sandwich, flavoured black tea, morning e-mails check.

The only things that's missing is the presence of my husband, but then it wouldn't be so quiet and peaceful, we would talk and joke and laugh, and probably put some movie on to watch during breakfast, and we would have eggs or pancakes.

Such lonely quiet breakfasts are necessary from time to time, I think. *^v^*

Winter came back yesterday with some snow in the morning, but then the temperature was above zero and everything melted. But today it's been snowing heavily again and it's very cold, so I think it'll stay white outside for a while.

And tomorrow - expect the worst... the attack of the Skirt Making Monster!!!.... \*^o^*/

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  1. That sounds lovely. I never have time for breakfast, I'm always late for my train!