Monday, February 12, 2007


My weekend outfits: Saturday trip to a craft supplies wholesaler and dinner at Robert's Mom's, and Sunday - visit to my best friend Anna's where we took some photos of the new corsets Robert sewn for our gothic shop (he planned a whole haute couture line, made three for now and one went to Anna ^^).

On Saturday, as I mentioned, I've been doing some shopping at a craft supplies wholesaler, and among other things I bought these incredibly cheap knitting needles in the following sizes (I'm so going back there for more - 50 cents for dpns, about 80 cents for straight ones! Especially if the bamboo needles prove to be nice to work with. ^^):

And I've done some progress on my Morning Surf scarf for my mother's birthday (which is 25th March, so I still have go a lot of time). It's much lighter than my shawl (only single thread involved and 3 mm needles instead of 4 mm).

I've been also thinking about the next shawl for Beltane: I think I'll try either Print'o'the Wave by Eunny or Gerda Stole by Kendra but I have a problem with both patterns: they are charted and I don't like knitting from a chart... I may always rewrite them into the row-by-row instructions then. We'll see! ^^

And now I'm off to sewing - I'm also making corsets for Atelier this week! ^^


  1. I'm the complete opposite. I get completely lost trying to follow lace without a chart.

    By the way, the main chart of Eunny's POtW stole can be written up here so you would only need to write up the edging. (there is an error in the edging chart by the way details here,guid,372deba4-2a80-4e21-a6b6-8548b01e335b.aspx).

  2. I really like all your skirts. What is that purple top you are wearing with the trousers?

    I have just started with the charts. Once you get the hang of them, they're really useful. You can see how the pattern forms, and which stitch should be on top of which, when comparing with the row below. This helps you to know if you're doing it all correctly! Mind you, charts still scare me.