Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to reality

It's not that easy to get back to reality after even a few days away... Phew...
I'm unpacking bags, doing laundry, planning shopping, ect, ect, and in my thoughts I'm still there at the cottage. (okay, I missed my flat a bit, and my cat a lot, so I'm partly glad I'm back! ^^)
Photos can be found here: FriendSheep: Fragments

First things first: I'm currently on the 39th row of the peplum of Purple Belle.
It's a really interesting design, very intuitive pattern so I don't spend all the time with my nose in the charts and up till now I'm still very happy that I've chosen this sweater. I made a mistake on the direction of the cable twice but I fixed it easily and I hope to finish the peplum till the end of this week. Then I'm going to knit two sleeves simultaneously. The colour still amazes me! *^v^*

On the other hand, I haven't touched the MS3 at all... There was no time, because apart from resting and having fun we had to prepare the feast, and I've been scribbling in my art journal, both subjects deserve separate posts so expect them soon (I'm not sure about today because I'll be busy all day and in the evening I'm meeting Anna for wine and ice-cream, yummy! *^v^*).

PS.: Therese, I've been thinking about the Mokosza picture you wrote about and consulted my friend archaeologist, it's probably some XIX-th c depiction, I'll dig deeper and let you know the results. ^^

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  1. Your sweater looks great so far-and like you i love the color! i think the finished sweater will be beautiful!
    Don't worry about MS3 you were off having a great time and thats all that matters!