Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Knitting problem resolved!

Wow, it's so good to look outside the window through a clean glass!... (although my cat already sneezed at it in some places, well...). My balcony has been emptied of all the clutter, some of it went to the bin, some of it - to the basement storage (I'll have to deal with this place one day, OMGs!...), some of it stayed (like two old cupboards full of flower pots, an old table, historical tent poles and a tent, historical wooden bed, two shields of Robert's, my dyeing pot (which I'll be using soon, so stay tuned! ^^), wooden folding table and two flower baskets from IKEA (I'm planning to hang them one day...) and a stack of blue storage boxes full of stuff I cannot keep inside my flat anymore because there's no space for it!).

Now, I can sit there and knit or read a book, or put my laundry on a line. ^^ In about a month's time, we are going to have it closed with a row of windows at the front of the building, it will be safer, warmer, cleaner, quieter in the flat, and it'll give us a small storage room, always precious when you live on 42 square metres! *^v^*

Carol and Lillysmuul, thank you for the stitch links, that's exactly what I needed, Purple Belle's sleeves are officially in progress again! *^v^*

Helene and Helene, I am totally confused now, let's see just learn what it says in my Pimsleur Norwegian language course! ^^

Oceansheep, please don't tempt me with Danish, I might have a go at that language, too, one day. *^v^*

In fact, I checked my bloglines, and among others, I have 8 Norwegian blogs, 2 Swedish blogs and 5 Finnish blogs. And no, it doesn't mean I'm going to try to learn Finnish because it's a totally different language type from what I've tried up to this point and I find it difficult even when I look at it. ^^

Thank you for the nameday wishes, it really was a special day! *^v^*


  1. Ah, a totally confused Joanna - our mission is done ;-)

  2. I am tempted to offer an exchange course, as I really want to learn polish, but I'm afraid I won't be able to follow it up..:) See, my last name is Krzywinski (yes, I know it's supposed to be Krzywinska, as I am a woman, but after 5-6 generations in Norway, that practice died out). Some hundred years ago a man left Poland for Norway, leaving me today with longings for my slavic roots. One day, I'll have the time and resources to actually delve into it - proper! :)