Saturday, August 25, 2007

God dag!

Hvordan har du det? Jeg har det bra. *^v^*

I decided to revive an old initiative of Kimberly's and put myself back into a proper shape, because I definitely put on some weight this Summer. (okay, Robert made me... I hate sports!...)
I'm starting to attend a swimming pool regularly and walk. Last night I swam 1 km and this morning I walked about 2,5 km, listening to my Norwegian course (so people passing me by could hear some strange sentences repeated one by one while I was marching along the street, yikes! *^v^*). I'm also going back to drinking juices and eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

, you're a star! *^v^* Have you seen that link, guys? It's a long list of all the terms used in knitting and crocheting patterns from Dropsdesign, in English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish! (and German, Spanish and French, if you prefer those). It's a gem for crafters! ^^

I was sitting on the door sill of my balcony yesterday afternoon, on a pillow, seeing only the tree tops above the balcony rail and hearing some street noises but mostly the birds, brushes and water for dissolving the paints were placed on the table beside me, sun was shining into my white journal pages and followed the pencil strokes. Blissful! *^v^*
I wish I cleaned my balcony at the beginning of Spring, when I had so many warm months ahead of me to enjoy spending time there! Well, there will be another Spring after all, right? ^^ And September and October days can also be sunny and warm!


  1. Good for you for getting into shape. I'm behind you all the way. How is the belly dancing? I'm going to try to eat better too. You're an inspiration. We'll do this together.
    Yes, September and October can be very sunny.
    Are you in ravelry?

  2. here's another link you might find useful--it's Norwegian to English knitting instructions.