Thursday, August 02, 2007

What's sewing, doc?

On Tuesday I saw the first yellow and red leaves, still attached to a tree but still...

Today is the Lammas Day - the First Harvest holiday for all the fellow pagans. Originally it came from the first harvest of the season, when farmers could finally collect what they sown and planted and cared for all Spring and early Summertime. But the city pagans can also celebrate this time with reflecting on their hard work in any field and think about the fruits of their efforts.
Let me quote Christina Aubin talking about Lammas on Witchvox:

"Lughnasadh is a time of personal reflection and harvest, of our actions and deeds, events and experiences, our gains and losses. A time when we begin the cycle of reflection of that which is our life. A period for personal fertility magic to ensure the bountiful harvest of life's gifts and experiences, that which we have reaped though trial, tribulation, enjoyment, joy, love and loss. As my Elder once said to me, "We can not know what we have not experienced." Such is the truth of life ö we become not by chance but by experience. Each experience opens a window into ourselves, into who we were, who we are, and whom we are choosing to become."

I love this sentence: "we become not by chance but by experience"! It involves action, going out to people, asking questions, touching things, listening, watching carefully, thinking, transforming what we saw and experienced into something new, changing. I don't say I feel comfortable with all that (in fact I'm scared of going out to people...) but it definitely is a process that makes us who we are.
As for my celebrations, I'll be starting my first proper over a week long holiday this year soon to this Day. *^v^*
And no, I haven't knitted a shawl for Lammas, but I'm working hard on the MS3 so it counts a bit! ^^

Here is what I've been doing lately - my new products for the folk gallery Ludowo Mi.I made six patchwork chicken bags and some fabric bracelets with a special bus ticket pocket!Let's hope they sell, I need money for yarn!
Speaking of yarn, I'm going out right now to buy yarn for my next sweater and (hopefully) white lace to finish my Gothic Lolita parasol and to finally give you the tutorial for it.
Have a great Thursday! *^v^*


  1. I don't "go out to people" either-i am a very shy and reserved person. Now is there a special ritual or anything that is done to celebrate and welcome Lammas Day?
    i really like you chicken bags and bracelets. I like the lacy edging that you put on the bracelets. Good Luck and i also hope they sell for you :)

  2. It's funny how small the world is, even in cyberspace. I found your blog many months ago, while checking out the whole blog phenomenon. Then I lost it. Then I found you again at DeviantArt. Later, I got my own blog, and was led back to this blog again via Helene, a fellow norwegian craftsperson :)
    And via this blog, I found sewgreen, now my #1 favourite - thanks!
    Therese (, or

  3. PS, love the idea of knitting a shawl for each sabbat - I've been planning to make an outdoor wallhanging for each, for ages!
    Therese - a fellow witch :)