Monday, August 20, 2007

Jag forsta inte engelska.

Jag forsta svenska.

No, that's not entirely true, I haven't lost my ability to speak English, I've just started to learn Swedish from a Pimsleur audio course! *^v^*

This course has been designed to be listened to and repeated, but no written material was added, but I have to have the words I pronounce in front of my eyes with pronunciation transcription, so I took my other notebook I bought recently (the one with the flowers on the cover, if that piece of information matters here... ^^), and I put down all the words, using a dictionary.

Swedish is not the only language I'm planning to learn, Norwegian is in the queue! I thought that if I made the first step towards my dream come true - I announced to the world that I want to live in Scandinavia one day, I might as well make a second step and learn the languages to make my relocation easier! *^v^*

Now, let's talk about knitting (in English! ^^):
I can't help it! - I love cables! *^v^*
Cables and colorwork are currently my new black! I said to Robert last night that I'd rather knit an all-over-cables sweater than the stockinette one (which, in fact, I'm knitting at the moment! ^^)

(OMGs, my camera did something to the colour, it's dark violet, not fuchsia... ^^)

My Purple Belle has the finished peplum and as you are reading this I'm starting the sleeves. I love everything about it up till now and I'll be wearing it even if the size's not okay (which I cannot tell because I cannot try it on for the construction of this sweater, yikes!... I mean, I can see now that the peplum is a bit too wide, I should have made it in S size, but I still can take it in while sewing together with the sleeves/yokes). (I hope!... ^^)

I noticed that with my first knitted sweater (Tomato) I entered a brand new world - I no longer look at the sweaters/tops/cardigans/... and think "Well, nice shape/colour/drape...", I think "What a beauty! I must knit this one day!". Which is terrifying because I would have to exist in several people at the same time in order to knit all sweaters that I liked (and to wear them in one lifetime...).
And I'm looking for all the bizarre shapes and solutions, no simple stockinette cardi for me (maybe it's the first OMGs-I-can-knit-sweaters phase?... *^v^*).

Anyway, there is still the biggest fear of knitting sweaters ahead of me - sewing all the knitted parts together, yikes!... I simply have no idea how to do it nicely, I did it once with my first green vest and it sucked, really... Lots to learn, lots to learn. *^v^*

Question to a long time sweater knitters: when do you knit Autumn/Winter sweaters? During hot Summer afternoons, to be ready for the first chilly evenings or throughout Autumn/Winter nights? What about the Spring and Summer tops - when to knit them to have them ready for the proper hot season? I'm a bit confused here... ^^

One more thing, in Poland, when somebody wears something inside out by mistake, we say that he/she will get drunk the same evening. But it didn't happen to me, well... *^v^*


  1. WHAT??? Sweedish before Norwegian?
    I'm shocked!!

    In Iceland wearing your clothes inside out makes sure you don't get lost, but find your way home. I guess that comes in handy if the polish superstition is true...

  2. The yarn color for your purple belle is absolutely gorgeous!
    Did you made a swatch before started ,meaning to you have same gauge as in pattern?What size needles you using?
    I read all your posts about it!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed. About the swedish. Being so similar to Norwegian, I don't have to translate what I said about you in my 'rockin girl blogger'-post, as I planned to - I'll just wait until you can read it yourself :)
    Btw, Helene - you are rappmunnet :)
    Therese (who are not allowed to comment from her huldremor-blog)

  4. Wow!! you just continue to add to you list of languages! but that's awesome!
    Your sweater is looking great!!
    Lots of luck with your seaming-i am a horrible seamer as well.
    i have only made 2 sweaters (one winter one spring/summer) and i ended up starting them in the middle of the season they were meant for and only got to wear them one time before it was time to pack them away. Acutally my winter one was finished in November but our last winter was so mild that i only got to wear it once. I think you just knit whatever you want whenever but it helps to plan ahead and have it done before the coming season.