Friday, August 03, 2007

Purple Belle

I may finally reveal my next sweater plans: call me crazy, but my second, SECOND knitted sweater will be...

"Silver Belle" from the 25th Anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting.
In my case, it's a Purple Belle, I bought the yarn today, it's a Polish brand called "Zorza" by Anilux, 25% wool/75% acrylic, a bit darker than the picture shows.
I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it about two weeks ago and while still knitting Tomato top (=learning how to knit sweater...) I decided that I'll give this one a go next. Well, in this design there is all the beginner in sweater knitting needs: garment knit in parts that will have to be stitched together, cables, unusual working process - you knit the lower peplum first, then each sleeve together with a part of the upper body... *^v^*
Anyway, if I have to learn it, why not do it the hard way straight from the beginning. I'm swatching tonight in search of the gauge! ^^

The theme for the MS3 has been revealed today and I wish I knit this stole in white in stead of black - the theme is Swan Lake!
I still don't understand clue 5 precisely, there will be some asymmetrical wing at the other end of the stole, but I will just follow the directions and will see what happens. ^^

In case you are waiting for the parasol tutorial - I"m very sorry but I didn't manage to finish it this week... Next week we are at the summer cottage, so I promise a tutorial in the week after the next one, around 15th August. I bought a lace yesterday but I still need some paint and some time to finish it.

I've been to my mom's today and came home with some food goodies - 1,5 l of fresh olive oil straight from Greece, where my cousin lives (she sent my mom a can of about 17 l. of olive oil and now it gets divided among all the family members and friends! ^^) plus 0,5 kg of smoked ribs and 2 kgs of lard smoked in spices (I know, it doesn't SOUND tasty when you think about the lard, but it is delicious! You slice it thinly on a piece of fresh bread, sprinkle some salt on it and maybe add some sliced sour cucumber, yikes! *^v^*). Plus I bought a plum cake and some fresh still hot bread, so it's going to be a nice dinner tonight! *^v^*

I wish you a tasty dinner as well and now I'm off to start swatching for my Purple Belle! ^^


  1. What a great choice for your next sweater-it is beautiful! And i love the color that you chose-purple is one of my favorite colors.
    Enjoy your dinner tonight-sounds like it will be quite a feast!!

  2. I can see why you fell in love--it's a great design! I still haven't had a chance to peruse that issue. Hopefully this weekend.

  3. I've been hoping someone would knit this, so I could watch and see how it went. It's a lovely sweater, and a very clever design. Your color is lovely too. The whole thing should be very flattering. Good luck!

  4. So glad you joined our KAL!! :oD