Friday, August 24, 2007

This and that

Look at the crazy woman - she just learned how to say "I understand a little Norwegian." and she attempts to read a Norwegian blog in original!... *^v^*
Well, in fact I just read bilingual Hege's blog last night and tried to compare English and Norwegian sentences in order to see if I can distinguish words and match them. And I believe I could! Some of them, of course. I know which words mean "yarn" and "to knit", and these are essentials, right? *^v^* (and several more, I think I shall start my own theme dictionary, like craft vocabulary, food vocabulary, ect).

Thank you, Helene, and yes, please, keep on correcting me, guys!!! I may learn a lot that way! *^v^* I think at this stage I'll stay with the word "lite". *^v^*
(it's good this isn't an audio blog, you would have so much fun listening to my Norwegian and Swedish pronunciations... *"o"*)

Look what I bought today while grocery shopping in the close-by supermarket - a small Polish-Swedish thesaurus with some grammar and helpful everyday sentences. ^^ There weren't any Norwegian learning aids though, I'll have to visit a linguistic bookstore soon.
Oceansheep, about the similarities between Norwegian and Danish - funny you should say that because when last night I said a sentence in Norwegian to Robert, he said that it sounded exactly like Yvonne Jensen talking to Kjeld... But maybe it was just me... ^^ (btw, "Olsen-banden" was a great hit in Poland and we are big admirers of this tv series! *^v^*).

Okay, this is becoming a linguistic blog, and we have some knitting to report after all! *'-'*

Purple Belle's sleeves are growing everyday, which cannot be said about the MS3... I'm so eager to wear the Belle already that I don't touch any other knitting project. ^^ But it will be finished, I love what I see on my friend's blogs: see Myriam's and Kimberly's ones! Stunning!
What I'm not sure of are all those increases on the sleeves... It seems that the sleeve is going to be quite wide at the top, well... I must count it and measure it properly and decided whether I should add less stitches after all. I don't want a sack for potatoes! ^^

Doing shopping this morning I also bought two purple things - a September issue of Burda sewing magazine, where they highly promote purple as a new black for this Autumn, and two purple pillows for our bed, yikes! *^v^*

One project I found especially interesting - the cape, for which I already have w fabric in my stash! ^^ Although I'm thinking about over dyeing it with some violet, what do you think?

And why, oh why, there are millions of great sweaters out there when I have only 2 hands and 24 hours per day?!... I've recently found tons of inspiring sweaters from several funky designers, find them in my flickr set.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Have you seen this? All the important words:

  2. Awww thanx for the compliment and linking to my stole :)
    your sleeves are coming along nicely :) i can't wait to see it in all its finished purpley goodness :) Are you using 100% wool for it?
    i think your fabric would look great over dyed with violet and make a very cool cape :) :)

  3. ok, ok joanna, confess..... what beautiful cables are you knitting? where from?

  4. You are having some really nice progress on Silver Belle!

    I have yet to decide what color I want mine! :o)

  5. love that plaid cape!!! do you have a pattern for it????

    i can't wait to see your silver (purple) belle.......Yipee!!!