Monday, August 27, 2007

Walking, and talking, and painting, and knitting

I got a blister on my left heel, blast!... But I should have known better than to wear uncomfortable shoes for a long walk! Even if it's just a walk around my residential district. I walked almost 3 km this morning and I've come to an important conclusion: I absolutely hate jogging, I love love love walking! *^v^* I can walk for a long time and distance, with the language course on my MuVo (Hej, hur star det till? *^v^*) and tomorrow I'm planning on a longer walk with my camera. And the big plus of my walks is that I get to know the surroundings and this morning I've found a good baker with fresh bread rolls! ^^

BTW, Hege, thank you for visiting my blog, yours is a great learning aid for me! And I was gobsmacked when I read your Norwegian dialect greeting!... Such a difference, but that's what the dialects are for, right? ^^ There are dialects in Poland, too, in the mountain regions, in the Silesia region, in the Great Lake Mazury region, where I wouldn't be able to understand a word! *^v^*

I've been knitting and journaling last weekend, here are the results:
I finished two spreads in my journal, the first one is the realization of the Live, Laugh, Love subject at Inspire Me Thursday - I wanted the strong colours and strong black definition on them (I should have used acrylics, not watercolours, hm...)

The second one is my submission to the prompt on D'Blogala's Art Journal Friday

"Journal some motivational thoughts to yourself. It's easy once you get going...tell yourself to love yourself, respect yourself, to create until pigs get the gist. You can use your favorite colors, maybe doodle a little, use some positive images. Make it a POSITIVE page. A source of all that is good. Use this page as something to look at when you're feeling down. You can always keep adding to it. You can use quotes from others that you find inspirational...Just little affirmations for yourself."

So, this is my affirmation, containing two symbols of my sport activities: bubbles of water from the swimming pool and a shoe from my walks. ^^

Now, knitting!
I've just joined the Silver Belle KAL that is starting this September, hosted by two ladies, Liz and Stacey. *^v^*
I know that I may have finished my Belle before the KAL even starts but I want to see all the other versions. ^^
(the Alien green background is my balcony table. ^^)
I've passed the middle point of the sleeves last night ( I'm knitting them both simultaneously) and I'll probably skip the last two increases because the sleeve is already the right circumference for my upper hand size. I'm getting spiritually ready for the cast on for the yoke part, yikes! *^v^*

I love the middle section of the sleeve - a beautiful surface of little cute roses! (at least that's what I see here! ^^).
And here is a whole sleeve with great stitch definition - Sally's version. I wish my cables were so defined, but I think it's the yarn's fault (or maybe my knitting's too loose, or maybe washing and blocking could do the trick? We'll see.). I was a bit worried about the sizing but here is
Sally's sleeve sewn with peplum and her sizing concerns revealed. It seems I have nothing to worry about! *^v^*


  1. Your Purple Belle cables look just fine to me!

    Thanks for the "PR" on the KAL!

    I didn't know Sally was doing the Belle too. Hopefully she can join our KAL too?

    I love all the updates you two are giving! It will help out tremendously!

    Hey - how are you knitting both sleeves at the same time? Are you using magic loop?

  2. So bright and happy ,your painting . I love it and your knitting to !!

  3. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog :) You asked for the chart on Brego set. The pattern for the Brego set will be published in the fall edition of Finnish knitting magazine Ulla ( I might consider giving out the chart and English pattern after the release of Ulla in the beginning of October, but not before that. So, check back on my blog later in the fall :)

  4. Great responses for Inspire Me Thursday.

  5. Your Inspire Me Thursday piece is so bright and colorful! I just love it. You also knit beautifully. :~)