Friday, August 17, 2007

For granted

First of all, thank you so much for the compliments on my journal, I had no idea it would bring such a positive response! I'm especially glad I could be inspiring and some of you decided to start filling those white pages of your notebooks, good for you, guys! *^v^*

We take so many things for granted, the sun rising in the morning, or, for example, our computers working every time we press the 'switch on' button...
My hard drive died yesterday afternoon, and in the evening Robert was working on replacing it with a new one and retrieving the data from the old drive, phew...
All's well that end's well, and I'm fully operational again, with access to all my favourite blogs, Gimp brushes and Firefox bookmarks, thank Gods! *^v^*

We watched a great film on Thursday night - Polish old timer from 1966 called "Sublokator" = "A Lodger". The story was set in a beautiful 1920's villa and there were the most amazing Art Nouveau (Secesja in Polish) decorations on all doors and some walls! I love this period in art and I decided that I (would love to) am going to to live in a house like this one day! *^v^*
Look at the pattern on the door behind the lady, wow! ^^

One more thing - I dressed up Friday morning and went shopping, and on my way back I realized I was wearing my blouse inside out!... *^v^* Nobody told me anything, of course...


  1. Ok, I know where you can find that house ;-)

    Our nearest town is Ålesund. It was left in ashes after a very big fire in 1904. The german emperor Wilhelm was very fond of the town, and and helpt rebuild the town. Most of it was rebuilt already in 1905, and at that time Art Nouveau/Jugentstil was the big thing. Today Ålesund is very famous for it's unique architecture.

  2. We do take so many things for granted. Glad to hear all is better and you didn't lose everything.
    Sounds like one day you will have a beautiful home. Art Nouveau is beautiful. Sad that some of the great decorations and architechture from the past just aren't done as much anymore. Everything is about modern lines and angles.
    Maybe no one noticed your inside out blouse ;) ;) i have done that with a t-shirt before.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Its meant to be a sign of good luck wearing your clothes inside out...but only if you do it by accident and not on purpose! otherwise everyone woul dbe doing it!! See you did have good luck, your computer stuff managed to get saved!

  4. Yes, Art Nouveau is gorgeous (though I think I like Art Deco/Moderne a little bit better).
    Also, I loved your art journal pages. I tried to leave a comment but my computer was being grumpy. They were so pretty though!
    Sorry about your blouse incident ;)