Thursday, August 23, 2007

Unnskyld, forstår du norsk?

Ja, jeg forstår lite norsk.


Can you tell I'm making a linguistic progress? ^^

I love the fact that Swedish and Norwegian are so similar (up to this point, at least), and that I can compare them and learn simultaneously, although Norwegian pronunciation is more difficult, not that intuitive. BTW, Pimsleur is teaching me Bokmal. ^^

My next linguistic question is: is it good to learn a language from lyrics of a favorite band? (Otyg, Hedningarna and Garmarna in this case! *^v^* I must find some Norwegian bands, too, maybe Dimmu Borgir? ^^)

Therese, I'll be glad to help you with Polish! I'll genuinely admire you if you start learning Polish because I think it is a difficult language, in many aspects (pronunciation, grammar, ect). But I'll try my best to help in any way possible, Madame Krzywinska! *^v^*

Straight From The Cauldron strikes back! ^^
Today is a simple bread recipe:

- 1 kg of plain wheat flour
- 0,5 kg of wholemeal rye flour
- a pinch of salt
- 100 g of fresh yeast
- 1/2 glass of warm water
- 1 tsp of sugar

First put the yeast into a glass of warm (not boiling!) water (filled in half), add a tsp of sugar and a Tsp of plain flour, stir well. Leave for a couple of minutes to start working but keep an eye on them because they can grow out of the glass! *^v^*

Place all the flour into a big bowl, add yeast solution and a pinch of salt, and knead well (I mean, really well!) *^v^* You may need to add some water as you go.

Form a sphere of a dough and leave it in a bowl to grow for about 30 minutes, under a piece of cloth.

Take a grown dough out of the bowl onto a flat surface and knead once more thoroughly. Divide it into two loaves, place it on a baking tray not very close to each other and leave them for another 20 minutes to grow again. Switch on the oven (temperature 180 degree Celsjus).

When the oven is hot and the loaves have grown substantially, place them into the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. You may cover the loaves with a piece of tin foil to avoid burnt crust.

After about 20 minutes check the bread with a long thin wooden toothpick - if the toothpick is dry, the bread is baked and can be removed from the oven. Leave the loaves for about half an hour to rest.

Smacznego! *^v^*


  1. Very good!! But may be you ment LITT

    Ja, jeg forstår lite norsk = Yes, I understand very little Norwegian.

    Ja, jeg forstår litt norsk = Yes, I understand some Norwegian.

    You'll be blogging in Norwegian in no time ;-)

  2. Danish and norwegian is even more similar than swedish and norwegian, so can I lure you into learning

  3. and by the way I am not oceansheep anymore, I´m at

  4. dziekuje, nawzajem! piekne bohenki chleba..mmm az tu pachna w dalekiej australii!!