Wednesday, September 05, 2007

At last!...

Yesterday was cold and sunny, today is cold and it's been raining heavily since early morning. I love Autumn anyway! ^^

Nobody told me that it's so much fun!...

Yes, I finally got my Ravelry invitation, let me know, if you're there and I'll add you to my friends! *^v^*

And I'm stitching my Purple Belle together this afternoon. ^^


  1. Added you as a friend :)
    Hope your stitching together goes well!!

  2. I am SO not ready for fall! LOL

    Glad you already found me on Ravelry! YAH!

    I cannot wait to see your completed Purple Belle!! *waits impatiently*

  3. Happy to see you on Ravelry! thanks for friending me :)

    I love the wardrobe remixes you have been posting! I can't wait for more fall weather here. It is still too hot for my liking...