Friday, September 28, 2007

This and that

Nei, Helene, norsk er erkelt! Eller det er ikke sa vanskelig, compared with some other languages I've learned so far, like Russian or French. ^^ I just need to learn a lot of words. ^^
Thanks for the TV link, I'll watch it even if I won't understand most of it, I will listen to the pronunciation, that's a great learning aid! *^v^*

Fashion Challenge - day 7 (which was on Monday, but I didn't post the photo yet).
- black top, H&M
- dress I made last Winter
- Drops Jacket I knitted
- tights & shoes

It was fun to look through my clothes and see what I made/re-made, I may repeat this challenge next Summer, when there are warmer days for sleeveless dresses and tank tops with skirts! ^^ (Unless I make/remake a whole bunch of long sleeve blouses up till then, you never know! ^^).

Here is the shot of me wearing my Drops Jacket, taken at my parents' place.

Today I went shopping and visited a Second-Hand Books shop, where I bought some old tattered books for my art journal - I've never tried to add any book scraps to my pages, it might give a whole new range of possibilities, yikes! ^^ I must say I'm really into the drawing and painting again, but I must flip through my teenage pencil sketches and find the courage to doodle more, to let the shapes and colours flow freely from my fingers... I'll be working on it this weekend. ^^


  1. you are a pretty pretty girl : )

  2. The Drops jacket looks fantastic - you are going to get a lot of use out of it.