Thursday, September 20, 2007

FC day 3 and some knitting

I started this last night and four hours later I had this - a finished back of my Drops Cardi! *^v^*
It's really difficult to work with this wool (I took some breaks because my fingers hurt!) but I like the speed of this knitting, yikes! ^^

Fashion Challenge - day 3:
- red men's t-shirt, reconstructed by me
- skirt reconstructed from a thrifted dress
- denim jacket with lace added by me (I know, it's a bit cheating but it's really getting cold here and I seem to be missing long-sleeved tops made by myself!...)
- Candle Flame shawl knitted by me
- fingerless gloves knitted by me
- red stockings and shoes

I'm doing a wardrobe check out today! What to wear, what to wear?...


  1. Wow that is fast knitting. Is your yarn worsted or slightly thicker?

    i am loving all the colors in your wardrobe :)

  2. WOW you really knit fast - you must be icing your fingers.

    I'm really enjoying your Fashion Challenge - and I realize how much it must have really hurt your soul to wear corporate grey before. You really are a person that color is made for. Now me I am more of a black and white or blue and white with dashes of color person :D

  3. I realized that may have sounded weird - I am a black and white and blue and white person for my clothes - I love seeing other people wear lots of colors though - other peoples colors make me happy -