Friday, September 21, 2007

Still knitting

Rho, I believe all colours are to choose from, but the freedom of choice is important (it sounds very American-like, freedom of choice, wow! *^v^*) If I wore those clothes to my office back then, it would be regarded as highly inappropriate and I'd be perceived as a bad worker. Which is stupid! Some people like red and some like grey, and that's fine! I remember that my friend who also liked colours and patterns, had a strategy - to wear the most colourful shawls and scarves with the boring office uniforms, and I took it after her! *^v^*

A knitting question: do you know where I could get Debbie Bliss or Patons pattern books from? Maybe some online shop on Germany, UK or Scandinavia that would send it to Poland?
I'd love to get Debbie Bliss: Alpaca Silk Two and Pattons Street Smart.

FC - day 4, I'm wearing:- MM altered t-shirt (to be frank I'm running out of blouses...)
- denim skirt I made from a pair of jeans
- Scarf for Ally I knitted
- red tights and shoes

I went for a blouse hunting today but I had only one second-hand shop on my route and there weren't any good tops to buy (neither ready to wear nor for any reconstruction).
But, for a stunning price of 1,5 USD I bough two sweaters for yarn! *^v^*
First I spotted this rainbow mohair one, rather itchy but I thought about some lacy shawl? (It's not very big, so a shawlette. ^^)
Then I found this gem - wool cables! It's handmade (both are), in a beautiful dark teal colour (my camera changed the colour somehow, you have the real colour in a small box in the right hand corner), with several leather buttons.
Unfortunately it's too small for me, but I'll frog it and turn it into some new cardigan, maybe Blackberry? *^v^*
EDIT: I tried to unravel this cardigan and it turned out that it's very heavily eaten by moths and felted here and there. Well, at least I got 9 leather buttons in a perfect condition for about 75 cents! ^^
Drops Jacket has a left front ready, yikes! ^^ but it turned out too long, I have to frog a bit and check why it happened. ^^ Diddlinaknits, I have the gauge of 12 stitches per 4 inch, I think it's bulky.

One more thing: I remember that ages ago I promised a tutorial on making the summer parasol, and I haven't forgotten it, I just have to finish some details! Be positive, if not this Summer, it will be ready for the next one! *^v^*
(No, I'm kidding, I'll post about it very soon! ^^)


  1. Ebay is a great place to find pattern books, often for cheap. You'll want to double-check the postage, though, esp. if it's coming from overseas. Just ask the seller if they'll post to Poland, and if they'd calculate the postage.

  2. I can't tell you how it pleases me to read a blog and find one of my designs, in the wild, so to speak. It looks like you did a lovely job on the scarf.

    Recently I bought a book and had it shipped to Australia, and it was cheaper to buy it here in the US and pay shipping, than it was to buy it in Australia. So you might want to check American Amazon ( and see what the shipping rates are. I know costs vary widely, but it's worth a try.

  3. I'm loving your daily outfits, so fun! Wish I was as adventurous as you.
    I have no hints on where to buy the books but I think I saw the Paton's one at a big-box craft store near here. If you have no luck getting it let me know, I can pick it up and send it to you (won't be going to that store again until mid-late October, so there's plenty of time to let me know).

  4. Wish I could help point you in the right direction for those pattern books.

    And I hate that about the moth eaten sweater!! Ugh!

    How about I look at a blog called "What I Wore Today" have you heard of it?? :o)

  5. Too bad about that sweater but at least you got buttons out of the deal. I have no idea about patons books here, sorry. :)