Monday, September 24, 2007

While waiting for the jacket to come...

Fashion Challenge - day 6
(I know, I didn't post a photo yesterday, but I didn't leave the flat at all and the day was lazy, so I wore a tracksuit pants and white tank top all day...A girl needs a break from all that fashion, you know... ^^)I got tired of the stiff serious poses! *^v^*
- Tomato top knitted by me, Knitting Daily pattern
- cotton skirt sewn by me ages ago
- red knee-high socks and shoes
- Creative MuVo (in my hand) with a Norwegian language course on it! *^v^*

Linguistic question: how can you say in Norwegian: "Let's eat at my place/at your place." There is a phrase in my course that sounds like "hus mi/hus di" but I'm not sure if that's the correct way of saying it. (I assumed it because hus=house, please help!). ^^

Tomorrow I will show you my finished Drops Jacket (oh, I cannot wait!), and maybe tomorrow I'll post some art journal pages I've been working on for the last several days (and my new art supplies box I bought today! ^^).

One more thing: in case you want to watch something really cool, see the Black Sheep movie! It's great! Knitters will love it, it's all about the sheep! And zombies. I mean, sheep zombies!... *^v^* Really! ^^


  1. You've been busy! I love your colour combinations and al the textures. Looking forward to seeing the Drops jacket too.

    ps. I'm getting better, slowly but surely. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Hey, did you read the novel Glenkill by Leonie Swann? That's a crime novel where the main characters are sheep :)

    I speak Swedish, so I understand some Norwegian, but can't really produce any sentence myself!!

  3. Let's eat at my place:

    La oss spise (hjemme) hos meg.

    Let's eat at your place:

    La oss spise (hjemme) hos deg.

    Hus di = Huset ditt

    Hus mi = Huset mitt

    Hope this make things more
    clear :-)

  4. Your Tomato top is too cute!!!