Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fashion challenge

Inspired by the idea of amazing Jodi Green's (check out her blog!) I decided to set my own small fashion challenge:
I'm going to try to wear ONLY things I made or reconstructed myself, for 7 days in a row, starting today.
(excluding underwear, tights and shoes)

We'll see how it goes, especially when the weather gets worse (I hope it won't or else I'll have to make myself a warm jacket or something... Or something water-proof).
Todays outfit:

- thrifted top reconstructed by me (it was a bit too small)
- skirt I sewn ages ago
- Breeze anklets I knitted
- Clapotis shawl I knitted (out of the same cotton yarn, yikes! ^^)

I've been working on my Mystery Cables sweater for the last few days and it seems that it was a wasted time... I totally don't like how the cables look, it's probably the yarn (cotton), so I'm going to leave it for a while and think about it, and maybe come back to it one day or frog it and start again with some new yarn.

On Monday I've been frogging an old wool pullover I got after some auntie, and today I'll be washing the yarn and preparing it for the new project - the Garnstudio jacket.
I hope I have enough!... ^^


  1. wool sweaters are not only very warm but also help against the rain - ask how I know ;D A very cold and rainy day and a long walk - I love wool.

  2. look so forward to seeing your daily outfits! :)