Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I bought myself...

... a pair of new shoes last Saturday! *^v^*

These are for my walking practice, because I really had no shoes like that and I walked in some old ones that gave me blisters. Well, not anymore, they are very comfortable and I predict a long and loving relationship between us! *^v^*

In two weeks time me and Robert are going to take part in a sports event with a charitable goal - Ecco Walkathon. We've registered today and the walk is on Saturday, 15th September.

The idea in short is that Ecco pays 4 PLN for every 1 km of every participants' walk to one of three charities selected by them (you have to declare to which one).

The route of the 10 km walk is situated along the pretty Warsaw streets and parks, and there will be lots of interesting things happening as we walk (so they say on their website). So, it will be a nice September Saturday morning, I hope! *^v^*

Purple Belle
I have finished both sleeves and they are blocking now. No photos, because my camera does some strange things with the colour of my Belle, and pieces blocked are not that interesting after all - what's more interesting is the final result! ^^ I even bought the buttons today.
All what's left is to sew them into the sleeve form, sew them with the peplum, knit the missing parts of the peplum and the collar. Sounds like not much, right? But the sewing knitted pieces together is my biggest fear...
Can you recommend to me any good tutorial on-line, please?

My Mystery Stole 3 also grew, and I believe I can finish it soon, especially as I joined two more mystery stole KALs...
Yes, I'm thinking about the Christmas gifts for my family.

These are Secret of the Stole and Secret of Chrysopolis. The latter is in German, but I hope for the English translations of the pattern and I'm sure I can always just stick to the charts, these are very international! *^v^*.
Both KALs start around the end of September/beginning of October, so there is still plenty of time for you to join, too! ^^

I'm also thinking about the new Mystery Sweater that I'm going to design for myself - I'm not sure whether it works so no details this time, but
- it will be made out of the orange cotton I bought for the Tomato, but dyed later into amaranth or violet,
- it will have low neckline,
- long sleeves with cable pattern
- and some other cable under the bust and around the waistline.
At least, that's the plan! *^v^*
I'm starting to swatch as soon as the Purple Belle is finished, which probably means some time this week, I hope! ^^

I'll leave you with photos of my two Saturday outfits (I haven't taken the photos of myself for a while, well... either I forgot or I didn't have anything interesting on.)

Morning clothes when we went shoe shopping and evening outfit for a party at our friend's, all of this is thrifted apart from the new shoes (Hi-Tech), orange sweater (Re-reserved), green scarf (Indian shop), jewelery and the bag I made (but it's from a thrifted trousers, so maybe it shouldn't count? ^^).


  1. Love the shoes and the Ecco Walk sounds like it will be a lot of fun and for a good cause too.

    Two more KAL's you are good ;) I finally decided I can't do knit alongs since I don't like the pressure of having to finish when everyone else does ...

  2. I like the photos of you, if you had a flickr account you could post them to the group for fashion photos.

  3. You look great as usual :)


    Du ser flott ut som vanlig :)

  4. no wonder you havent had time to post here - you have been so very busy!