Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Texture is my middle name

Now, this really made my day!
Although I was generally pleased with the Purple Belle, the button band crisis took away some of the pride and joy of knitting that cardigan. But with Drops Jacket it's a completely different story! *^v^*
I am as happy as a peccary in a monsoon, as my friend used to say. ^^
I love everything about this cardigan:
- the rough texture of the recycled wool yarn (rather uneven threads, so it stayed uneven even after wet blocking, but I love it!),
- the off-white/ecru colour,
- the high collar (I just couldn't get the directions on the collar so I gave up and made my own version, love it! ^^),
- the thrifted leather buttons I bought last week (I checked - the price for those three buttons used here was about 25 cents! *^v^*),
- the length of the sleeves = veeeery long - I was afraid I didn't have enough yarn for the long sleeves but I still have quite a lot left, yikes! ^^
- the Double Moss pattern
- the speed of knitting with bulky yarn - 12 stitches per 4 inch and 7 mm needle, started last Wednesday, finished on Sunday, give me more patterns like this! ^^
I made one change - I moved the buttons towards the edge because it would be too tight on my bust if I had them further into the lapel, as in the design. But I think it makes and interesting symmetrical front. I thought about knitting the pockets but in the end I decided they would spoil the shape.

Next sweater project - it was supposed to be Starsky, but it depends on the yarn I'll be able to buy (I'm going shopping next week). If I get some nice white wool, it'll be this one, and if there is a stunning green yarn - I'll start Mariah. ^^ Plus I'm going to buy black wool for a turtleneck for Robert (promised some time ago, so It's high time I started it...).

Linguistics again: Hilde, thank you very much for your help, but your comment brought up another question - I assume that one house is hus but on Wiktionary I found the following possibilities:

hus n. (definite singular huset; indefinite plural hus; definite plural husa/husene)
So, huset = the house, hus = houses, husa/husene = the houses, am I right? Why those two forms - husa and husene?

I'm lost again...

And art journal pages later, because they deserve a separate post. *^v^*


  1. As I tryed to point out earlier, Norwegian is not just one language :) Since our written language very much is constructed, you often have several allowed forms for words. This goes especially for Nynorsk. But in this example husa is the only form allowed in Nynorsk, while you in Bokmål have to make a choice. Husene is conservative Bokmål and closer to Danish, while husa is closer to many dialects. It's also a question of sociolects. A person from the best part of Oslo would probably say husene, while the "east-enders" would use husa.

  2. Your Cardigan looks great!!! I am hoping the yarn to make it will go on sale soon. Hope you find the colors you want for your next cardigan :)
    So Robert is finally going to get his EXCITING black turtleneck :) Are you working it in pieces or in the round?

  3. I love love love the Drops Jacket - and I think your collar is fab - I especially love it with the collar up. It turned out fantastic - and you can still use your hands after all that quick knitting :D

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so gorgeous! It looks like it came from some fancy designer!

  5. Wow, it turned out very pretty. I love it and it looks warm.

  6. Looks really nice! I love it and plan to do it one day too! HAHA!