Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blocking and still knitting

Yeah, I'm becoming more and more creative with titles... ^^

Anyway, I finished the body parts of the Drops Jacket last night and started the sleeves. Most probably I'll have enough yarn to knit the long sleeves, but I'm not sure, time will tell.
Here is my jacket blocking:
FC - day 5
- the blouse I painted with fabric paints, the pattern is from Emily the Strange (I think it's time to put a second coat of paint, it almost faded...)
- cotton skirt I sewn ages ago
- red knee high socks & shoes

I definitely have one more blouse and then I'm out... Unless I make something today or tomorrow, (or repeat myself with some top), on Monday I'm not wearing anything on my upper body... *^v^* (there are still some skirts I made to choose from).
Virtuous, thank you for the link, I visited her blog once or twice, very inspiring!


  1. You are so welcome!! Now I can enjoy watching what you wear too!

  2. Wow, you knit very fast. I am still trying to make the front piece of my cabled cardigan. LOL!

    I LOVE your skirt. Very pretty.

  3. I'm so behind with blogs. I just looked through all the things you've been up to. You've made some lovely things. I especially liked Purple Belle. That colour and style are really fashionable over here at the moment.

    I can't wait to see the finished Drops Jacket.

  4. Love the skirt!! great fabric and style!
    You are really moving along on your cardigan-the more i see, the more i want to make that one too.
    Excited to see it all finished.