Saturday, September 29, 2007

SuziBlu commented on my blog!

That's what I shouted (just in my mind, to myself ^^) last night, when I read Suzi's comment! *^v^* She is my painting guru (right next to Irisz Agocs, the watercolors goddess! ^^), my latest inspiration, the source of courage for the artist in me.
And she's the girl with a cat, so I can feel the sisterhood between us. ^^
That's as if you'd be a knitter and would get a comment from Yarn Harlot or Eunny Jang. ^^ At least that's how I see it.

I've been working on my journal pages last night, mainly preparing the colourful backgrounds for the future spreads, but I finished one page, which can be regarded as a response to d'Blogala's today prompt: Your dream place to live.

I know you know that it's Scandinavia for me, and I got inspired by the piece of paper with Norwegian frimerkene (post stamps, only one was left, the rest went on postcards to our families when we were in Norway in 2004 on our honeymoon) I found in my wallet.
I also put a photo of myself looking at the panorama of Oslo and some memories: do you know that I ate sushi in Oslo for the first time in my life? ^^

On the knitting front: I got the first clue on the Secret of Chrysopolis Stole and started knitting - I'm using the blue yarn from my stash. It will probably go to one of my aunts as a Christmas gift.

And talking about cats, my cat is getting cuter and cuter everyday, and she spends more and more time in my lap, does this mean the Winter is going to be severe, or what?...


  1. I got a comment from the Yarn Harlot once ;-)

    Did you go anywhere besides Oslo?

  2. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog! :) Love your art journal, and the fact that you're learning Norwegian! So fun :)

    I'll be back!

    Enjoy creating - you're talented!