Sunday, July 02, 2006

After-wedding blues...

Frankly speaking, it wasn't the best wedding I've ever been to...
Ceremony was nice and all, but then it turned out that the reception was held in a place 60 kms away from Warsaw borders, so we had to drive for an hour from the centre of the city to get there. When we got there - another surprise - it was planned as a garden party. None of this was on the invitation, I thought it's going to be held inside a restaurant and we were completely unprepared because it was boiling hot at 3 pm in Warsaw - me in a short skirt, with bare legs, sleeveless blouse, my husband without the jacket. It was quite nice outside at 6pm, when we started the reception, but from 8 pm it was getting colder and colder, not to mention gazzillions of mosquitos which bit every uncovered piece of flesh on you (remember me? - short skirt, bare legs, no sleeves...). You normally don't expect to carry with you to a wedding reception a travelling bag with spare warm clothing and a bug-repellent!... And we were assigned the places at the table with some total strangers from the other part of the family (the bride's) and I'm extremely nervous and shy in front of the strangers..., luckily the food was nice. Not to mention my new shoes almost cut off my big toes!... (well, at least THIS was my fault, I should have tried to walk in those shoes for a while BEFORE I put them on for the wedding...)
Well, I hope the newlyweds had a great time!

Plans from last Sunday:
- Ella shawl - haven't touched it because it WAS too hot...
- Wristwarmers of Chaos - planned, and that's all... next week project,
- black skirt for Sylwia - done! ^^
- my knitting bag - I bought a zipper but didn't have time to finish it,
- bags for sale - no time,
- embroidered band for Robert's caftan - haven't touched...
- kokoshnik (sewing and embroidery) - finished the planning phase, now onto the embroidery phase! ^^
- anything else that comes to my mind... ^v^ - yes, lots of things came to my mind, of course! ^^ I sew a skirt and a bag for the wedding, I knitted the comissioned poncho, I knitted one bag for Bag Me KAL.

Plans for the coming week:
- French Holidays bag I designed - finish, felt, publish the pattern,
- Striped bag - felt,
- Run About bag - knit & felt,
- kokoshnik - start embroidering it,
- Ella shawl - continue,
- Wristwarmers of Chaos - on-going,
- poncho - publish the pattern,
- and we'll see what else! ^^

On Monday we are going for a one week holiday to our cottage on the riverbank and I'm taking with me my bellydance cd and lots of yarn skeins, so I hope for lots of fruitfull dancing and knitting time (and swimming in the river, and barbecuing, and walking in th eforest, and...). ^^ Sewing must wait till next week. ^^


  1. It is so strange to read how you were so cold at the wedding reception. I live in the south here in the US and it is hot as blue blazes during the day and the evenings cool off to the high 70's. Amazing! Hope you have great holiday!

  2. Oh don't you have lots of things to do!

    I hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather holds for you (it's 32 degrees here - too hot).

  3. Have a lovely holiday.

    I sympathise with your story, I'm one of those people that insects just love to bite so any evening spent outside I try to cover up!