Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday planning

So, I'm back from the XIII c event in Ciechanow. It was fun, the place is very nice and worth visiting next year. Here are some pictures:

My husband Robert, Igor and Marcin. Igor's tent in the background.

Robert, Marcin, Igor and Piotr, and my tent in the background (and Ciechanow castle, of course! ^^)

Marcin, Igor and me.

And me in maroon dress (I'm secretly planning to embroider it with some XIII c pattern... ^^).

Planned for last week:
- finish sewing the XIII c dress - finished and worn last weekend! ^^
- make a XIII c snood for my hair - well, didn't do it... I will in the future, some time in September because we will attend another XIII c event at the end of Sept.
- Lithuanian Amber Socks - I swatched with bigger needles for my size and decided to add several stitches rather than using bigger needles,
- new lace shawl - I've been checking different patterns, still haven't decided though,

Plans for the coming week:
- quilted pillow cases for Sew? I knit assignment - prepare the pattern, choose fabrics
- buy yarn for the August Bag Me KAL project - Knitting Tote
- buy yarn for the blue bag for Darla
- continue with Opal socks
- embroidered bands for Robert's kaftan - continue and maybe finish?
- embroidered bands for my rubakha - finish, sew onto the rubakha
- kokoshnik - finish the front, design the pattern for the back
- veil for the medieval Russian outfit - design and start embroidery

As you can see, I'll be concentrating on finishing early medieval pieces of outfit because on 19 th August we are having a very important event in our reenactors group - the Annual Feast, so me and my husband want to be fully prepared in new clothes. ^v^

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