Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday planning

Thoughts totally unrelated to crafts (or maybe?)
I recently discovered that I just love love love two things (out of many more, of course! ^^).
First, the bread dough rising. I bake my own bread and I like watching it grow, diferent types behave differently, and the smell of yeast is just lovely! (yes, I can eat baking yeast like cheese, the normal ones, of course, not the instant ones! ^^).
Second, I love the feeling when you cut out the pieces of a pattern out of the fabric to sew something, and first you have a big rectangle, then you draw the fragments of a pattern onto it and cut, one by one, and throw away the small bits that cannot be used for anything, but you carefully fold and keep the bigger bits that can go into a quilt or a purse. And then suddenly you have fragments that will soon be a piece of clothing - from a fabric to a usable product of your hands. Lovely! ^^

Planned for last week:
- kokoshnik - this project must wait till August because I must prepare for XIII c event before the end of July,
- Lithuanian Amber Socks - finished! ^^,
- Allete wings - almost finished, I'll be working on them tonight,
- think about the quilted project for Sew? I knit assignment - so I decided upon the quilted pillow cases, because I have three totally naked pillows waiting for some nice covers,
- think about the new lace shawl... - I had other things on my mind, but new shawl will start growing soon! ^^
- finish and show you my surprise - yes, these were my dollies ^^

Plans for the comming week:
- finish sewing the XIII c dress - yes, I started this project on Friday last week because we suddenly decided to go to the medieval event on 28th July, and whereas I have lots of clothing for the X-XII c Viking period, I have only two chemises and one dress for the XIII th project,
- make a XIII c snood for my hair
- Lithuanian Amber Socks - swatch with the bigger needles for my size with the same yarn,
- think about the new lace shawl - despite the temperature I feel I need next lace shawl on my needles! ^^

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