Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I warned you...

... it's going to be plain and boring!...
My XIII c dress:

Why did I ever decide to deal with XIII c in the first place?... I don't know...
But luckily I take part in other projects as well - early medieval Scandinavia and Russia, and Iron Age Poland, so there are many beautiful colourful decorative clothing to reconstruct from those periods! ^^

I also finished the Allete wings and given them to Anna - sorry, Jen, no photos for your gallery but I promise I'll take a picture of the next wings I'll be making for myself. ^^ These ones came out rather light and lacy because of the thin yarn.

And one more thing, introduction.
Have you ever seen this very creative girl's dolls? (her name is Stephanie Sykes)
For example:
and others.
No? Then you have to do it right now, I'll wait!
And what's your opinion?
I think they are absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!! If only I could afford one... Well, maybe one day! ^^

BTW, thank you very much for all your pumpkin recipes suggestions, I'll be trying them out because I really want to get rid of that pumpkin from my freezer and make some space for something new! ^^


  1. I'm a bit disappointed I wanted to see allete!

  2. i just realized you linked to my site and my dolls... thank you so much for the kind words.... and links!