Monday, July 17, 2006

Ella finished!

Oh my, oh my... I love this pattern sooooo much! ^v^
I finished my Ella last night and blocked ut this morning (don't you just love the moment when the shawl opens up under the steam comming from the iron!...). While knitting it I thought it's going to be rather small, but now I can see its real size - and it's just perfectly big enough for me!

(I'll take a better photo outside when my husband has a moment to help me.)

Pattern notes:
Design: by Wendy Wonnacott (
Started: 4th June
Finished: 16th July
Yarn: 230 g of green 828 Opus Tiftik (Turkish yarn), 270 m/100g, 5% mohair, 95% acrylic
Needles: US 6 / 6 mm
Notes: I believe I can knit it faster, the great obstacle was the terribly hot weather for two weeks, when I just couldn't keep a mohair shawl in my hands... I want to knit Ella for my Mom for Christmas gift and I want to try the laceweight green acrylic I have in my stash on needles 4mm or 5 mm.

I made one change to the design, or rather not change but addition, because I added two strands of yarn in the middle, where the shawl splits into "wings", and crocheted this short section to make it more durable (I was afraid that one thin thread can easily break).

I'll definitely be knitting more Ellas, thank you very much, Alice, for showing me this wonderful pattern I omitted while browsing! (make sure you check Alice's beautiful Ellas here, here and here.)

I also made progress on Lithuanian Amber socks (which are not very Amber in my case... ^^), I want to swatch with the same yarn on bigger needles for my size.

And here is the start for Allete wings, which are going to be the present for my best friend Anna for her name's day (26th July). Pattern is by Jen and it's very easy to memorise and comfortable to knit (it just "knits itself" while you're watching tv, for example ^^).

(it's difficult to take a good photo of a black patterned fabric, so I enlightened it a bit)


  1. Ella came out truly stunning...I love it! The socks are great too.

  2. I love Ella. The colour is so lovely and the yarn looks so soft.

  3. I'm so glad your Ella worked out so wonderfully - it's absolutely lovely. I am so into green at the moment and that is a beautiful shade. Aren't Ellas Fab?! I love all of mine. Thanks for the mention, by the way.

    Those socks look completely whacky, but I expect nothing less from you. Actually they look quite Christmassy. It's going to be 36 degrees here in the next couple of days (ridiculous weather) so I'll be daydreaming of crisp, frosty weather where we all tuck up under our Ellas with our knitted socks and get cosy!

  4. Wow I love ella, well done you:)
    amber in extremely hot Scotland