Friday, July 28, 2006

Log cabin pillowcases

Have you ever been in a situation, when you smelled some funny smell and thought "Somebody's dinner is burning..." Yeah, we always think it's somebody else's dinner we are talking about... It happened to me a moment ago, while I was in my bedroom reading craft blogs... But fortunately I came to the rescue just in time to add some water and cream to my pork chops! ^^

I've been thinking about log cabin pillows for a while and I decided that I'm going to make three for the Sew?I knit August project (because I have three pillows without the cases).
And suddenly millions of questions came to my mind...
Are there any rules about making of log cabin pillows? How do I match the fabrics? By colours? By patterns? Can I mix the colours? Or patterns? Or both? Should I use lighter and darker shades of similar colours (I've read somewhere about it)? Should I use rectangular strips of fabric or can I make other shapes as well? Can I freely use my imagination and still call it a log cabin pillow?...

Well, a big inspiration are the creations of this amazing artist, Lisa Congdon. I love reading her blog, I love her modbirds and of course, the pillows she makes!

I have some ideas of what I'd like to sew, it may not be a typical log cabin pillow but definitely quilted and definitely a pillowcase! ^^

EDIT: Okay, I looked through my stash and decided to try two colour schemes (they need a lot of ironing, sorry...)

I may add or remove some other pieces, but I'll be working with those fabrics.

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  1. I always start baking something (like cookies)and completely forget about it. Then all of a sudden...sniff...sniff. I hate that!
    I'm pretty sure I've seen Log Cabin in very mixed fabrics. I like the ones you picked!