Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday planning

What I planned for last week:
- French Holidays Bag, Striped Bag, Run About Bag, Twice As Nice Bag - all finished! ^^
- kokoshnik - started the embroidery,
- Ella shawl - finished! ^^ photos tomorrow,
- Wristwarmers of Chaos - no, no time or will to make any progress...
- Norwegian Gloves (Jap. book) - swatched, need new yarn, postponed till August,
- anything else - I started the Lithuanian Amber socks from the book by Nancy Bush and Allete wings from Knitty by Jen (these are the present for my best friend Anna).

Plans for the comming week:
- kokoshnik - continue embroidery, design the pattern for the back,
- Lithuanian Amber Socks - finish the second one and swatch with the bigger needles for my size with the same yarn,
- Allete wings - finish, block, pack and prepare to be given to Anna on 26th July, ^^
- think about the quilted project for Sew? I knit assignment,
- think about the new lace shawl... *^v^*
- finish and show you my surprise (I cannot write here what it is, since it is a surprise, right? ^^)

Knit on, everybody! ^^

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