Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When 90 degrees is too much...

Well, it is my first felted failure...
Something very mysterious happened - my bag felted to itself, I mean, the backside fulled together with the front side and they became practically inseparable... I believe 90 degrees just turned out to be too much for this lovely delicate wool, which I'll remember in the future!
Anyway, my Twice As Nice Bag ended up as a felted something, a plate mat probably.

On the other hand, here are the results of the successful felted bags! ^^
Run About Bag:

I changed the flowers on the flap a bit, and they decided to have the life on their own in the washing machine, because three of the six petals just let go the flap on one side and they felted as independent pieces. But the other three stayed in place so it gave an interesting result after all.

French Holidays Bag:

My own desing - pattern for you here.
I like the final shape and size, but now I'm yearning for 2mm needles and laceweight yarn! 44m/100 g is a really thick yarn and rather hard to work with.

Striped Bag:

It got small after felting but it's still a reasonable size for a few belongings, I like the colour match.

On to next knitting projects! ^^
Ella has grown a bit, but it's still too hot to keep a mohair shawl in my lap (they say it's going to get cooler on Friday), but think I'll finish and block her till the end of the week. (Yeah, steam blocking, I can't wait to do it to Ella! ^v^)

I've swatched for the Norwegian gloves from the Japanese book I have, and unfortunately my yarn is too thick. So, I need to go a buy some thinner wool, and in the meantime I started knitting socks from the wonderful book by Nancy Bush.

So, regard my own private Nancy Bush's One Month - One Pair of Socks KAL officially open! ^^

You can join if you like, there are 18 patterns in this book, and July is the Month of Lithuanian Amber Socks (page 104).

My colours choice is different because I had the yarn for the Norwegian gloves in maroon and cream, so they look together like that:

What I have to say about this design is that it's very easy to follow, not so easy for the beginner-in-multi-colour-knitting (like me) to keep the yarn tension stable, but the result is a pair of really cute socks! I'm knitting mine not for myself (because they are too small for my feet in this gauge), but I'll keep them for some occasion and give them as a birthday or Christmas gift to a friend with smaller feet. But I'm already thinking about another pair on bigger needles for me. ^^


  1. What a shame about your bag felting to itself. All your other bags look amazing though. I love the french holidays one especially.

  2. Great bags! I really like the French Holiday one too, beautiful colors.