Sunday, July 09, 2006

I'm back!

Yes, after five days of wonderful holidays in our summer cottage we are back to Warsaw, not that we are at all happy about that...

I've been doing a lot of knitting during those five days (it was too hot to go out and play in the sun until 7 pm every day!...).
I have finished one side of Ella shawl and working on the other one.

I've knitted Run About bag and just need to add the flowers and felt it:

Unfortunately it turned out that I chose a very bulky yarn (44 m/100 g) and I used all four skeins for the main body of the bag and the handle (nothing left for the two inside pockets part...). Well, next time I'll choose the yarn wiser and knit the bag according to the pattern. ^^

I also knitted the smaller version of the Twice As Nice Bag using my award wool from Wendy, but... the result is different from what I expected!

Either there is something wrong with the pattern or I cannot read it properly, but I thought the bag should get more and more narrow towards the top and mine didn't. Anyway, I still like it and the best things is that I still have a lot of the beautiful wool left for other bag projects! *^v^*

There was a surprise waiting for me in the mailbox, namely the corsets pattern I bought from Laughing Moon Mercantile . I strongly recommend their products and the payment and shipping are secure and reliable. Some time ago I bought this set of corset patterns:
Ladies' Victorian Underwear
and this time I bought their latest product:
1894-1909 Victorian and Edwardian Ribbon Corset, Corset Girdle and Man's Corset

I've just found out about the summer Knitty issue! ^^ There are lots of nice patterns (as always) , these are the ones that caught my attention:
Fetching - beautiful cabled mittens
Carpathia - elegant lacy gloves
Perdita - three lacy bracelets
Lickety Split - interesting tabi socks
Manresa - amazing legwarmers
The Good, the Gilded & the Goth - lillies

Planned for last week:
- French Holidays Bag - almost finished, waiting to be felted,
- Striped Bag - felting will take place on Monday,
- Run About bag - almost finished, waiting to be felted,
- kokoshnik - haven't touched, starting next week
- Ella shawl - finished right wing, not much left to knit on the left wing,
- Wristwarmers of Chaos - didn't have time this week,
- pattern for a poncho - done!

Plans for this week:
- French Holidays Bag, Striped Bag, Run About Bag, Twice As Nice Bag - finish the details and felt,
- kokoshnik - start the embroidery
- Ella shawl - finish the left wing,
- Wristwarmers of Chaos - finally make some progress!
- Norwegian Gloves (Jap. book) - start
- and we'll see what else! ^^

One more thing... Last night we were heading off to our friend's birthday party and my husband helped me to put the keys into my bag (because I had a big birthday cake in my hands), so he opened my bag, looked inside and said: "Oh, you didn't take your knitting with you?..."
Does this mean that he sees me with knitting in my hands too often?... ^v^

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