Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tote exchange

Look, look, a blue-and-green bag! ^^

This morning I brought it from the post office.
I love the colours - light green is my first choice and recently I've started to tend towards blues more and more! ^^, I also receive a home made soap (how did she know I love everything with goat's milk in it?!... ^v^) and the bag postcard.
In fact, it's not the bag Darla knitted for me, but because she has some problems with her right hand and cannot knit right now she didn't want to leave me without a bag in the swap, so she sent me the bag she received from her pal (great job, btw, I love the lining that matches the outside colours!). How generous! ^^
And I've immediately decided to knit a bag for her because the girl cannot be without her bag, right? *^v^*
So, Darla, expect a bag from me some time in August and thank you one more time for your parcel! ^v^

1 comment:

  1. I's a lovely bag, I'm glad that no one will end up bagless!