Monday, July 24, 2006

Pumpkin problems...

Some time ago Bonnie and Allison decided to flash their freezers stash and found some interesting items there! ^^ . That reminded me of what I have in my freezer.
Apart from some frozen meat added recently, several plastic containers with lunches I make for my husband to take with him to work every day, ice-cubes, packets with fruit, a packet full of Swedish kotbullars (best surprize! ^^), a bag with only several French fries in it (worst surprise - I thought I have a whole pack ready to be used for dinner tonight...), I have something scarry... (and this is I believe the oldest item in my freezer)

It's been there since last year's Samhain.
Because of some funny reason (sudden loss of consciousness at the vegatable stall maybe...^^) we decided that 8 kg pumpkin would be just perfect for a Samhain lantern...
After the celebrations, because I don't like any food to be wasted, I cut it into pieces and carefully cut out all the pumpkin flesh part from the tough skin, packed it all in 0,5 kg plastic bags and put it in my freezer to use later in various dishes. But how many dishes can you make out of pumpkin?!...
We've been eating it with chicken breasts, with pork, mashed and fried like potato pies, I haven't tried a soup yet because we don't like sweet soups, but... what else can you make out of a pumpkin?!... Please, help me, anyone?... I still have about three kilos of this stuff and my freezer is not that big, so I have very little space for anything else!...

On to the crafty part! ^^
Last night I finished sewing the outer side of my XIII c dress (all by hand, my fingers are really sore because the fabric is not so soft...). Now, I'm going to sew the lining and put them together. Don't expect any embelishments like I always add to my medieval dresses, because this is the boring and plain XIII century, when people suddenly lost their sense of beauty and wore only plain one colour clothing!... (which makes the reconstructions easier and quicker, but still...). Photos somewhere in the middle of the week and definitely next week after the medieval event, where I'll be wearing this dress. ^^
It will look a bit like this:

(from Maciejowski Bible)


  1. All that pumpkin is very funny! Do you like pumpkin bread or muffins? If so, I can point you to some good recipes. Email me!

  2. Bonnie, yes, please! ^^ I cannot find your email so I'm responding here.

  3. How about pumpkin pie or pumpkin pudding of if you're up for a challenge, pumpkin cheesecake?

  4. My son , who is vegeterian uses it in everything. He slices it thinly and either pre cooks it in the microwave, roasts it gently or uses it raw. Then puts it in/on Pizzas, stir fries, curries, pies, nachos etc. It will go with most things. Even plain mince is good as it thickens it nicely.

    Love all the projects you do!

  5. Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, soooo good...
    It's also used in several indian dishes - curries and spicey soups.