Saturday, January 13, 2007

Autumn Flowers

Do you remember this movie 'Edward Scissorshand'? I cried at the end, I really did!

Meet Joanna Needlehand *^v^*

These are my new mittens which I'll be wearing while looking for the yarn to finish my Winter gloves. I called them Autumn Flowers because the colourway reminds me of the Autumn leaves in the park (it's Wendy's Merino Double Knit, colour #1403, I used one skein of 50 g).

I was knitting them both at the same time starting from two sides of one yarn ball, and then I had to stop knitting the palm part and finish the thumb, so I knew how much yarn I have left to finish it. So I broke the yarn, attached it at the thumb and with some more needles I finished the thumb. Pattern is mine, very simple combination of 2kx2p ribbing and stockinette.

I learned a new techniques while finishing these mittens, namely another way to make the elastic bind off. I wouldn't say it's very elastic, but I like the way it defines the edges of the mittens so I may use it on other projects as well.

It goes like this:
K2, * pull first st over second st, but do not drop loop from LH needle. K next st on LH needle, slipping both sts off needle. 2 sts remain on RH needle and 1 st has been bound off. Rep from * until all sts have been bound off. (found here)

I wore them today when we went to plant our Christmas tree at my mother's allotment (we bought it in a pot with the roots and some soil, and I watered it several times when it was in our livingroom). I hope it will last in the ground and grow tall! ^^ The weather is still very warm (as for January, 10 degrees Celsius...), and many plants started to bloom. Something weird is happenning to our climate.

Happy weekend, everyone! ^^

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  1. I cried at the end of edward scissorhands too! funny that you mention it i just borrowed the movie from my mom. :)
    You tree is so cute! I hope it does well.
    and i love the colors for your wristwarmers :)