Monday, January 08, 2007

What the heck?...

OMGs... I woke up this morning and immediately knew something was not okay with me... Then all was clear - my Cystitis came back again!... Yes, I know I should wear warm underwear and longer jacket, the weather is not summery at all, but I totally ignored this fact and went out on Friday evening and Sunday evening wearing skirts and waistline jacket (also thicker tights, if you may ask). But I thought it would be okay because I travelled by car, no long waiting for a bus or walking - but it came to me anyway. Also I think, going out onto the balcony "just to take a photo", in a blouse, short skirt and socks helped here a bit... (In fact, the bacterias just activated, they are always there but most of the time they are dormant, it's just my fault that I created the environment for them to act...).

So I had to cancel my beautician's appointment and went to get some medicine. And now I'm sitting at the computer, my hips wrapped in a warm shawl, drinking a lot of different fluids to wash the bacterias away.

Fortunately I acted quickly and it was the mild beginning of the infection so it's not that bad right now. But it gave me a food for thought - I should have some petticoats or a pair of bloomers to wear underneath my skirts in Winter! ^^ It would be very Victorian, and I rarely wear skirts that are fitted around my hips and legs, usually they are the A-line ones, so I could tuck something underneath to keep me warm. *^v^* Some time ago I bought a set of patterns from Laughing Moon Mercantiles, namely the following pieces: two corsets, a chemise and a pair of open drawers, that can be adjusted to a pair of bloomers I hope.

Anyway, I started knitting gloves last night. I'm using a combination of several patterns, just to fit my yarn stash and my size, here are the first results.
(Sorry for the dark dull photo but that's the weather's been like all the time lately and I couldn't find a better spot in my flat to take this photo.)
I stopped with the first glove at the line of fingers and started the second one because I'm running out of red yarn so I had to knit the second glove's cuff and see how much yarn I have left potentially for the fingers. It looks that I will knit one finger with red on the right glove and maybe one finger on the left glove if I have enough.

Happy Monday, everyone! *^v^*


  1. Poor thing, I hope you feel much better soon!

  2. Get well soon! I love the picture of the bloomers.