Friday, January 12, 2007


[This post is sponsored by the handknit Opal socks and Rylko high-heel shoes, which can also be seen on this Flickr group: Handknit Socks & Shoes=Happiness Forever] *^v^*

I need more shoes.

I mean, frankly speaking I don't need more shoes, but I really realy need more shoes! ^^ If you know what I mean. *^v^*

I never bought many shoes because my legs are not to be shown, really. I like my feet, they are nicely shaped, fingers are fine. But the rest...

You can hide your thighs in trousers or a skirt, but what about big calves? There are longer skirts, I can hear you saying. Yes, but what about thick ankles?...

So, I usually hid my ankles and calves in high military boots and long trousers (or woollen legwarmers if I wore a short skirt). I had a pair or two of black classic high heels, some sneakers, some flat sandals, nothing fancy because I felt no pleasure in wearing fancy shoes contrasted with my ankles.

If I could change one thing in my whole body I would definitely choose ankles (leave these broad hips and glasses on my nose, give my a pair of nice slender ankles!...).

Another problem was that sometimes I couldn't buy the shoes even if I wanted - like for example knee-high winter boots on a high heel, they are always so beautifully narrow at the ankle part so I cannot possibly dream of getting into them (once I even made the seller cry, because he brought all the pairs he had for me to try on and none of them fitted...). I know that in the USA there are shops with shoes for ladies with wider ankles and calves, but here in Poland you have to be a standard size to fit in most clothes and shoes...

But then I thought that if I cannot do anything about my ankles (and I can't because it's not a place where I can loose some weight or something, right?), I would buy and wear the shoes I like anyway! ^^

Of course, I'm going to choose the right models, I know that a very thin short heel makes me look like Piggy for example, and I cannot possibly fit into those narrow boots unless they are elastic. But it leaves me with a whole range of platforms, wide chunky heels, fancy sandals. I want to feel feminine starting this Spring!
(I knew that I should leave my resolutions list open, because I'll be adding new things as they come to my mind during the year... and it's still Januray!... ^^)

Now anxiously waiting for first Spring shoe collections to come to the shops! *^v^*

Theme song for today: 'Summer Sunshine' The Corrs


  1. New shoes, yes! I probably have about 15 to 20 pairs of shoes and my boyfriend thinks it's a lot! Ha!

  2. looks fine...I never find this model shoe in my josef seibel brand shoes....