Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

Today I've been going through my wardrobe and found some old jackets that I wore during my horrible office times (more about that tomorrow), and then I wanted to destroy them physically in a ritual of cleansing myself from all the things I experienced while wearing them, then I decided to just throw them away, then I wanted to sell them but I never got to it and then they stayed (I really must get rid of them now, they just occupy the valuable space!).

Anyway, this picture brought to my mind a memory from the Summertime last year.

I was at the bus stop, the weather was beautiful, a real Summer sun was shining and there was some happy, laughing young people (this bus stop is in front of the Agricultural University gate) dressed in Summer clothing. And I, of course, was also dressed colourfully, as you can imagine from my wardrobe remix photos, I had some funny comfortable clothing plus some accessories like lots of bangles, some necklace, ect.

And there, among the colourful crowd I spotted a girl. And she spotted me. We looked at each other and then into each other's eyes. I was all Summery/freaking colourful/having fun sort of dressed and she was... well... in a very dull grey trouser suit, with some white buttoned up blouse underneath, with a black case in her hand. Her hair was not too short, not too long, indefinite colour, no expression of any kind on her face. She couldn't stand out more.

And I thought: "What a sad life she must have, working in some office where she has to wear the suits everyday to satisfy the company's standards. I bet even during the weekends she keeps this invisible dresscode, because it probably stuck to this fashion taste." And I recalled the times when I was a secretary with a low salary and I had to wear black, grey or dark blue suits (in fact, I never wore suits, I wore jackets with black trousers usually), so I was buying whatever I could afford, mainly in a thrift stores, because for me spending a lot of money on such suits was just a waste of it.

But then I started to wonder, what did she think about me? I couldn't figure out whether she approved my look or disdained it, because her face remained statute-like, and I didn't really wanted to ask...

I made two assumptions though: she could either like the way I looked, and maybe be a bit jealous that she had to wear such plain grey clothes (I would be if I was in her place), or just regarded me as a weirdo with no sense of fashion taste and felt happy to stay in her comfortable suit 9 to 5 world.

I'll never know what she thought, maybe she even didn't pay that much attention to me as I imagined. And I sound very judgemental here but isn't the way we dress reveal our personality, creativity, imagination? When I had to wear my office jackets I always accessorised them with colourful scarves, brooches, ect, that was all I could do but I thought I would die of boredom if I didn't do it. And when I look at people dressed all in grey, dark blue and greish brown office fashion clothes, with dull and tired expressions on their faces, I want to scream: "Stop wearing such plain things, jazz up your wardrobe a bit and it'll make your life more cheerful!" *^v^*

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  1. I like your pretty outfit. My clothes are kind of mediocre...I don't dress in all gray but I don't have your flair either.