Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things I love Thursday #3

I love kimchi!
Kimchi is a Korean hot and spicy cabbage, and I can eat it as a snack with a glass of beer, or in some dishes (like here: kimchi soup).
In fact, I love anything that is hot and sour at the same time, so all the pickles are very welcome! ^^

And eating a bowl of a warm soup is just perfect for a day like this: covered with the tons of snow! *^v^*

It started to snow two night before and here is the view from my balcony on Wednesday morning (first photo) and this morning (second photo):

And it's still snowing...

But it didn't stop us from going to a Japanese bands concert last night! *^v^*

It seems that there will be one concert each month (we are in contact with the people who organise the events and they event offered us some free entrance tickets in exchange for the adverts of the concerts on our shop's site! ^^), and last night we saw: Hagakure (j-rock) and Anti Feminism (j-punk). Well, we almost missed the first band because we were late - the traffic was terrible thanks to the snow, but we liked it a lot from the few songs we heard, and the second band was very loud and messy, just what you would expect from the punk group! *^v^*

We weren't allowed to take photos (only press had this privilige...), so we took photos of ourselves!^^

Anna and Robert, Anna and me

Piotr and Robert, Karolina and me
My hubby and me *^o^*

Me and Karolina in the snow!


  1. You look totally cool; I love your outfit!

    Enjoy the snow...

  2. yepp, you look great, love your shoes!

  3. You look like you had a great time!

    That soup looks so tasty. I've never heard of kimchi before

  4. You are tagged! People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things about them, see my blog for more info
    ~ Sherri