Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In with the new

Let's start with something yummy and cozy - this is a candle I bought at IKEA last week, it smells like a real apple pie! *^o^*

I changed my blog template - I think it's clearer now and somehow better organised and I like the softness of the background. (Robert said it's grey, but I perceive this rather like a mild military green. ^^)
I also feel that I want to introduce more glimspes of my personal life into my crafts blog - this is my almost-everyday-diary after all. Following Amber I joined the Year of Simple Things ring (hello, Maryellen! ^^), because I think I need to learn how to admire simple things day by day - I often wait for something grand to come and tend to ommit the tiny joys that happen in our lives unexpectedly (like my lottery winning, ha! *^v^* And we enjoyed part of it already, because we had friends over this evening and ordered couple of XXL pizzas for all of us, it's fun to share your luck with others! ^^)
New year had to bring some changes, what do you think? ^^

Remember when I talked about doing something about my UFOs?
Of course I didn't manage to finish them all, but I gathered them in one huge plastic bag (all apart from knitting UFOs - my sewing, embroidery, medieval costumes, ect), so now I know what I have to finish. Any new started projects will go into that bag, too, and I'm going to have only as many of them as the size of my bag, so if it's full it'll mean it's time to finish something BEFORE starting something new.
As far as knitting UFOs, I have only one left from last year - the Checkered Scarf, but I want now officially declare this one my Next Winter project! (and it's off my head at least for now ^^)

I started two new shawls (sorry for the flash photos) - one is my shawl for the first sabbat this year - Imbolc on 1st February, and it is a Candle Flame shawl in red. The beginning went pretty fast but I add stitches with every several rows so it will slow down soon unfortunately (which reminds me I need to buy 4 mm cable needles tomorrow, because I've already "outgrown" the straight needles with this shawl).

The second one is just the very beginning of the Morning Surf scarf in green, this will probably go to my mother as a birthday present at the end of March, or it'll stay with me, if I like it too much ^^ (and will be my next sabbat shawl for Ostara).

And this weekend I intend to finish Emelia II for Anna and finally give it to her! ^^

And because it's always good to end the post with a cat, here is the stray kitty that came this morning to our balcony - isn't she the beauty? ^^

Our Barbi went totally crazy at her sight, banging her paws against the window, hissing and meowing like a real cat from hell, so the visitor didn't stay for long. Fortunately she doesn't look like a real stray cat - she's fat and clean, so she definitely belongs to somebody and just went for a walk in the neighbourhood, and we don't have to worry about her.

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