Sunday, January 28, 2007

Morning Surf

As promised, some photos of my Morning Surf Shawl.

Look at the speed of this knitting needle! *^v^*

My Morning Surf shawl is really big, lengthise and widthwise, and I've almost ran out of yarn from the first two skeins (I knit with two threads kept together). But I have two more skeins so I may knit this enormous, if I want to! *^v^* I think I'll knit it up till the reasonable length for a comfortable wrap and use the rest of the yarn in some other project (like some lightweight lacy sweater, I think I have the pattern somewhere in some Polish knitting magazine.)

I love how this photo turned out, the colours are amazing! Barbi is helping to knit Morning Surf shawl (by purring and keeping my backside warm...). ^^


  1. What a good kitty. I'm sure she'll help by kneading the shawl too, right?

  2. The shawl looks lovely and warm and the colour is just brilliant! Your cat looks adorable.