Thursday, March 16, 2006

Belly dancing! ^^

I've just had my fourth bellydancing class and I'm still in love with it! ^^
I know several steps now, we were practicing hands accompanying the hip moves - it's rather difficult so I'm going to practice at home everyday in front of a mirror to observe whether I'm making the right gestures.

As far as knitting, mohair cape is growing, as you can see on the sidebar of my blog.
And I have a new idea! ^^ I want to try double-colour knitting so I want to make a checkered black and white scarf, on a dpns so it won't have the wrong side, it will be a kind of a tube, flattened at the ends. Winter is almost over but I'll make it for the next cold season! ^^
And I looked through my yarn supplies and decided to sell some of them because I'll never ever use some of the colours. In this way I'll make some space for some new wonderful yarns! ^^ Am I clever or what?... "->

Tomorrow I'm going to sew something at last (plans, plans...).


  1. I have Always wanted to take a Belly dancing class- that's so cool!

  2. Yes, me too! I've always wanted to take belly dance classes and finally this year I found myself a school and enlisted for a course. Better late than never! ^^