Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Black and other shades of green

As promised, I finished the coif last night and here is me in my new headdress! ^^

Although it was only a swatch, because this was the only colour in the required weight I had at home, so I'm going to buy some pinky yarn (maybe today?...^^), and knit another one. And this one is going to go under further development, because I want to add some white lace and maybe flowers to it to make it look more like Gothic Lolita style.

I also took a picture of the black cape I made as a commission (still no button, must get it today).

And inspired by the beautiful green yarn of Terhi's, I decided to find some similar shade of green and knit a green cape for me. BTW, I decided to alter the pattern a bit, because I don't like the idea having decreases lines not on my shoulders but on my back (that's what you come up with according to the pattern). So I changed it a bit and I'm going to try the new version to see if it works.

I've been trying to apply for Project Spectrum for several days now, but their webpage doesn't work... Does anybody know what's going on? I came across this site and looked briefly through the rules of Postcard Swap, and I'd love to join but I cannot access them now. Well...

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  1. That black cape is so pretty. What pattern did you use?