Monday, March 20, 2006

Scarf frenzy! ^^

First things first: last Saturday I started to knit a checkered scarf (my meant-to-be dpns project...) and here is the result so far (I know the squares are not as flat as they should be, but this is my first double-coloured project so I still don't have the "feeling" of how much tension I should use and how much yarn should be left on the wrong side of a fabric when I switch colors; well, it'll come with time, I guess...). When it's long enough (I still haven't decided about the length, but it should be long enough to wrap around my neck and hand on either sides reaching my thighs, maybe... so, 2 metres? ^-^), I'll sew it into a tube and add a fringe.

A also worked on a commisionned black cape, in fact it goes quicker than I expected - I already have half done! Yatta! ^^ And the yarn is incredibly soft!... It's a fifty-fifty mixture of wool and acrylic. In fact, I love the idea of knitting something like that on a circulars, it's very easy to handle.

And here is my finished red mohair cape:

Now, something completely different (or maybe not?... ^^)...
Here is a collection of my scarves and ties. I counted them today and I have 29... TWENTY NINE?!... Can you believe it?... And not that I'm going to stop buying them whenever there is a chance to get something nice...
Am I a scarf freak, or what?... ^^
Some of them, of course, are my favourites, like the Hindu patterns, but I wear them all more or less frequent. The last one is my latest knitted creation, to match my moss-green army coat.

Looks like I have a lot? My collection grows! ^^

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  1. I love the checker scarf beginnings! Don't worry - as you go along I seemed to get more used to how much tension to have....