Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wheat, mudras, coif and liquorice

Oh, my hair smell of honey and wheat, yummy... ^^ I've just started my intensive hair treatment with a proffessional hairdressers' conditioner that you keep for 15-30 minutes on your hair and then rinse off. I hope that'll help to improve my hair, application is a nice experience in the first place! ^-^
I had my second Hindu dance class this evening and... I still don't like it!...
I mean, I like the dance itself, it's beautiful, and graceful, and women dancing look like goddesses, but I don't like the way the girl teaches us. She shows us a set of steps, and when I say "a set of steps", I mean complicated feet moves accompanied by mudras changes and hand waves at the same time!... OMG! She shows us the moves, then we repeat four times in a normal beginner pace one-two-one-two, and then suddenly the teacher starts ti-ti-ti-ti-ta-ta-ta-ta... and we are supposed to follow!... And then she says that during the class we should only see the steps and remeber them, and then practice them at home to master the moves! Well...
I paid for three classes, so I'll go one more time and then I'll give it a serious thought, because it was supposed to be fun and it isn't. It's just desperately trying to keep pace with the teacher, and I don't want to do like other girls who attend the class - they are so tired and confused that they just sit against the wall and watch the rest. I'l keep you posted on this topic.

My checkered scarf is doing fine, I added three rows last night, but it's still a long way to go!...
I also finished black cape, pictures soon, when I have a nice button to sew on it.
Just before I left for my dance class, I've started to knit something quick and funny - a coif.
I had only black yarn in the weight required, but if I like the result, I may buy some nice colour and knit another one. Just a short piece for now, but I'll be knitting this tonight so tomorrow I might as well show you the finished coif! ^^

The reason I'm doing this is I need something to keep my ears warm while being on a trip to... Sweden next weekend! ^^ I'm sooooo happy! We are going to travel by ferry from Gdynia to Karlskrona on Thursday evening, then we'll spend a whole day there (Friday), and then go back to be in Poland on Saturday morning. I love Sweden, I love kotbullars, and liquorice, and mooses everywhere, and sweets of million kinds sold per kilos, (and my husband loves cider! ^^). They have and incredible Marine Museum in Karlskrona which we've already seen once last Autumn, but we are definitely going to visit it once more, especially because we are going with two couples and one of them never went there.
I wonder if there are any good yarn shops in Karlskrona... ^^
Swedish knitters, please help! ^-^

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