Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hindu dancing?...

Last night I had my first Kalaripayattu dance class.
Surprise, surprise... I didn't like it! ><
First, it doesn't have much in common with this ancient martial art, because the teacher told us she will be teaching hindu folk dances with some elements of bollywood dances. So, I have no idea why they put the name Kalaripayattu in the description of the course.
Second, she started with a short but VERY strenuous warm-up, then she went quickly through several mudras (hand gestures), and started to teach us several dance step sets, each one practised maybe twice or three times. And then we had to create a circle and dance the whole choreography!... OMG! We were making milions mistakes, bumping at each other, trying to figure out the steps looking at her... It didn't make much sense to me apart from the fact, that I got SO EXTREMELY TIRED after only one hour that I thought I won't survive till the end of the class (another 30 minutes).
I know that for the teacher all those steps are obvious and well-known, and she is very fit so she can dance for a long time without a rest, but it's not the case for her students!... I payed for the next two classes (till the end of March), but for now I am seriously thinking about quitting this and sticking only to bellydancing classes, (which I love!!! and can manage a single class!...^^).

On to knitting now:
Last night I started to knit a beautiful shoulder-warmer designed by Christine . I made the first part, (you can see below), and now I have to make four markers (because I don't have them, I've only knitted once with a marker and only one was needed) and I'll start knitting the rest. I love the deep red colour of the yarn I found for this project! (My stash is enormous and it seems that I can always find some interesting yarn when I dig deep enough!... ^^)

And I got the message from my Aunt that she will give me 10 knitting needles and one set of dpns she doesn't need anymore! Yatta! ^^ Getting different size needles for free is always an advantage, ne?

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  1. Wondering that why you didn't liked the dress whereas many people love that type of dress. Its also great to hear that you got the knitting needles for free.