Sunday, March 12, 2006

Everybody's doing it...

... so I decided it's time I start my own real on-line blog!
I moved here from because I decided it doesn't offer me what I want (even the paid account). You can also find me on
I'll be posting my sewing creations, my knitting creations and any other things that will come to my mind! ^^
Comments are welcome. See you soon!

*some time passed*

I've decided to edit this post (as it is the first one on my blog) and put some facts about myself, so You could read them and get to know me better (or decide you don't want to waste your time on reading a blog of this crazy woman!... ^-^)

100 things about me
1. My name is Joanna Kostrzewa.
2. I live in Warsaw, Poland.
3. I'm currently 31-and-a-half.
4. I've never felt better about my age! ^^
5. I'm married to a wonderful guy whom I've known for 14 years now.
6. We have no children.
7. We don't even like children!...
8. We have a cat!
9. We live in a two-bedroom flat.
10. That is packed with bazillions of things!...
11. I have many hobbies, like knitting.
12. And sewing.
13. And embroiderying.
14. And weaving.
15. And cooking.
16. And calligraphy.
17. And being a member of historical reenactment group.
18. Not SCA one.
19. I love anything that is Japanese.
20. And Hindu.
21. And most of the Swedish things. ^^
22. I practice bellydancing.
23. I have driver's licence but I don't like driving.
24. And I'm scared while being a passenger in a car...
25. But in fact I'm quite a good driver. ^^
26. I don't like flying because planes crash.
27. I love travelling by a ferry.
28. I love all kinds of food, especially Polish "pierogi" with cottage cheese and potatoes.
29. And sushi.
30. And kotbullars! ^^
31. I drink lots of tea.
32. But hardly any coffee.
33. I don't smoke cigarettes.
34. But I do smoke shisha pipe or small cigars from time to time.
33. I like good wine.
34. And beer, but mostly with grilled meat.
35. I wear glasses.
36. And long hair.
37. With a fringe (since October 2005).
38. I'm not a feminist.
39. I hate ironing.
40. But I can do the dishes.
41. My dream is to live in my own house.
42. Without a neighbours peeking into my rooms!.. ><
43. (I live on the ground floor right now...)
44. I have two mothers-in-law...
45. I love them both! ^^
46. I don't go to work everyday.
47. Which doesn't mean I don't work... ^^
48. I run an on-line shop with Gothic clothes an accessories from home.
49. Second hand and made by me.
50. I also knit and sew different stuff and try to sell them in galleries and on online auctions.
51. I get bored easily.
52. That's why I have many hobbies to switch between. ^^
53. I have the loudest purring cat in the world!
54. I don't follow vogue trends.
55. I like colours in my wardrobe.
56. Black is a colour after all. ^^
57. I don't wear clothes in the shades of poo (= fugly darkish greyish browns...).
58. I don't wear grey EVER!
59. I don't mind mixing colours and patterns in my clothing.
60. I love bags.
61. I love biiiig bags, because I always have lots of things to carry with me.
62. Like knitting. ^^
63. Or books, I always have a book on me.
64. My favourite writer is Joanna Chmielewska.
65. I read in bed before going to sleep.
66. And on public transport.
67. I hate sports...
68. Okay, I like to swim.
69. But I totally hate jogging, it makes me choke!
70. I can tell you about the incomming weather changes.
71. Not from a crystal ball (I don't have one).
72. From my reumatic knees, unfortunately...
73. I generally don't like people.
74. I mean, meeting many strangers at a time.
75. I'm not much into clubbing.
76. Prefer to stay at home with some good meal, wine and couple of friends.
77. I can't stand children crying...
78. I am a procrastinator.
79. I was taught how to embroider when I was 6.
80. I haven't stopped since then. ^^
81. I love to sleep!
82. I can sleep even with a loud music on.
83. I like ethnic music - Japanese, Hindu, Turkish, Arabic.
84. I also like a bit of gothic, rock, jazz.
85. I'm a modern witch.
86. I hate getting up early!
87. I love to stay up till really late in the evening.
88. I always wear my nails short.
89. I paint them in crazy colours. ^^
90. Sometimes I'm scared of people.
91. Sometimes I get so brave as to shout at people who make me angry.
92. Generally I'm very shy.
93. You will never leave my house hungry! ^^
94. I am a very loyal friend.
95. And I expect the same.
96. I know nothing about the accountancy or economics or marketing.
97. Although I love maths.
98. I like to play petanque.
99. I'm not very good with saving money or keeping and order at my house.
100. But I am happy anyway! ^^

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